CyberHive Trusted VPN

The ultimate secure communication solution

CyberHive is delighted to announce the launch of a revolutionary new VPN technology
providing the most secure site-to-site communications and remote access available today.

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CyberHive Gatekeeper for Office 365

A revolutionary new security solution for Microsoft Office 365

CyberHive is delighted to announce the launch of a revolutionary new security solution
specifically designed for serious users of Microsoft Office 365.

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Protect against human error.

We all make mistakes, and cyber-criminals know it. That's why they are increasingly
attacking the weak link in our cyber defences - people.

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Cut the costs of security and GDPR compliance.

Cut the costs of GDPR compliance by building in security by default.
Virtually eliminate the costs and reputational damage cause by data breaches.

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Winner of the TVCC Best Use of Technology award 2019.

We are thrilled and delighted to have won the "Best use of Technology of the Year Award"
at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Awards 2019.


Detect data breaches in seconds

On average, it takes 207 days for a system breach to be recognised.
That's more than 6 months for a hacker to steal your data and damage your brand.

NEW: Unparalleled protection for serious users of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is widely used as a business-to-business communication tool. The email, document sharing and teamworking features are well known and liked by over 1.2 billion office users, often sharing highly sensitive business critical information.

CyberHive has worked with a central government department to design and implement a truly secure implementation of Office 365 which overcomes many of the issues associated with alternative technologies. Read on to discover how CyberHive Gatekeeper can protect you against data breaches.

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Cutting edge technology offers protection no other solutions can match

CyberHive have developed Trusted Cloud over more than three years in collaboration with cyber-security experts from The University of Oxford. Our distributed whitelisting technology can detect even the most advanced cyber attacks – even those that would go unnoticed by virtually every other type of cyber defence.

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Protect against human error and detect data breaches in seconds

Attackers, are breaching standard defences using social engineering, exploiting unknown vulnerabilities, and targeting the weak link in the systems – people.

It takes an average of 207 days for a system breach to be identified. CyberHive Trusted Cloud cuts the time it takes to detect cyber attacks down to seconds.

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Cut the costs of security and compliance with Trusted Cloud

The average cost to business of a data breach currently runs at £3.5 million and is set to increase significantly with the threat of large fines under GDPR legislation.

With Trusted Cloud you can cut the time taken to detect a data breach from months to minutes, stopping the attackers before any damage can be done and eliminating virtually all of the costs of dealing with the breach.

And the cost to implement this? It may actually reduce your operating costs!

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