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Staff and students often comment that outdated, inflexible IT systems entrenched within their university, college or school frustrate them and often inhibit effective learning, remote working and collaboration. Additionally, outmoded IT often presents hackers with loopholes to exploit and places unnecessary strain on the IT Helpdesk.

More and more academic institutions are embracing digital transformation with agile, cost-effective cloud solutions such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Microsoft Office 365. This year the transition to cloud based remote working and collaboration tools has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown strategy. In some cases the need to implement home working solutions ‘at the drop of a hat’ has resulted in a less than ideal security stance.

It’s easy to retrofit CyberHive’s award-winning security technology to bring your cyber defences up to scratch.

Key takeaways from two influential reports published earlier this year (IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach and Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report):

  • In the education sector, the average time to identify and contain a data breach is 283 days (3 days longer than the global mean). The average total cost of a data breach stands at $3.9m (IBM).
  • 28% of security incidents in Education had confirmed data disclosure and 33% of the threat actors were internal (Verizon).
  • This industry saw phishing attacks in 28% of breaches and hacking via stolen credentials in 23% of breaches. (Verizon).
  • Ransomware accounts for approximately 80% of malware infections in this vertical. A significant increase on last year’s 48%. (Verizon).
  • Credential stuffing is a major issue. This vertical has 28 days a year with credential dumps running against them. The global median is 8 days. (Verizon).

In the Jisc Cyber Security Posture Survey 2019, UK universities and colleges were asked what they felt are the top cyber security threats they face. Similar to 2018, phishing/social engineering and procedures not being followed are by some way the most frequently mentioned threats. Despite evidence of increased investment in cyber awareness training, human error remains a major problem and risk.

Generally human error is a problem that standard cyber security solutions struggle to contend with but which is specifically addressed by CyberHive’s patented technology. Trusted Cloud server intrusion technology detects external hacking attempts and internal threats – malicious activities and unintentional errors. As the security incident is flagged in a few seconds security personnel are able to act straight away to stop the threat actor before any damage can be done.

With CyberHive you can be confident that the confidential information held about students and staff is 100% secure. Advanced whitelisting is used to provide a ‘belts and braces’ approach to securing data stored in the cloud / on-premise. Furthermore, hardware-based cryptography ensures that whitelist verification checks remain secure. For more information about the technology behind Trusted Cloud click here.

UK universities and colleges are likely most worried about phishing because of the increased complexity of socially engineered attacks and a perceived lack of security awareness amongst users. Indeed, studies suggest that despite cyber security awareness training, 30% of phishing emails get opened and 12% of those users click on the malicious attachment / link. Microsoft is consistently the most phished brand. Cyber criminals actively target Office 365 accounts since they hold the keys to a wealth of sensitive data.

Microsoft recommends implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365 as it significantly reduces the likelihood of a security breach. At CyberHive we went much further with Gatekeeper for Office 365. Our technology builds on Microsoft Office 365 security to provide the most secure Office 365 implementation. This solution is used throughout the public and private sectors and by UK Central Government departments. Click here to find out more about eradicating the credential vulnerability for good.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a critical part of defences but they are vulnerable to attack. The NCSC and CISA have issued a number of security warnings relating to the exploitation of known vulnerabilities affecting VPNs. Cyber criminals have been unashamedly exploiting this year’s global surge in VPN use which has significantly increased the attack surface. Hackers often use VPNs in the first stage of their attack to establish a foothold in a network with the end game being the installation of ransomware or other malware payloads.

With CyberHive Trusted VPN technology, colleges and universities can be confident they have best-in-class border security for their remote workforce, site-to-site network connectivity, and for accessing on-premise / cloud-hosted systems. You get peace of mind knowing that even un-patched VPNs can be trusted. Our ground-breaking technology even protects against zero-day vulnerabilities. Click here to find out more about our ultimate border security.

“Organisations are on a journey with their cyber security provision and whilst lots of changes and improvements have been made already to improve their posture, there is a desire and motivation to implement more. This is likely to be an ongoing process as the landscape evolves further.” (Jisc, 2019).

In today’s ever evolving threat landscape you need a trusted partner to advise and support you on your cyber resilience journey. We help organisations proactively manage cyber risk with our innovative solutions which effectively deal with known and unknown threats. Stay ahead of the curve, contact CyberHive.

CyberHive – Making data breaches a thing of the past


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