CyberHive gives
senior decision-makers
peace of mind.

Against a background of increased threats to cybersecurity, and continually strengthening legislation concerning data security, IT security has become a high priority for organisations.

Cyber threats have evolved, coming from well-organised groups – be they state-sponsored or criminal organisations – whose goals are to steal valuable information from either the business or an individual connected to the business. At CyberHive, we realise that it is not a case of “if” companies will be hacked, but “when” and recognizing this has allowed us to take a new approach to cyber security.

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Using our own patented technology, we
provide the most advanced, effective and
trusted cloud security on the market.

We help organisations move into the cloud by providing a reliable, effective,
future-proofed solution to their security challenges.

David Blundell is the founder, Managing Director and technical expert behind Cyberhive. David founded the company after graduating with a degree in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge.

David originally developed skills in networking, using these skills to build highly reliable networks for multi-site companies with security as a major requirement.

David then turned his skills to developing reliable, secure and scalable cloud platforms built on OpenStack, using best of breed technologies. This expertise is internationally recognised: he is now a keynote speaker at technical forums and a founding member of the United Kingdom Cloud Specialist Interest Group.

Alan Platt is the COO for CyberHive. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1997 with a degree in Engineering. His experience covers a wide variety of industries Broadcast and Film through to Pharmaceuticals and Software. He has held executive and board roles in Engineering, Sales, Marketing and General Management.

Passionate about Technology, Alan combines a strong technical background in software, electronics and mechanical engineering with experience of solving real world problems for non-technical customers. He has developed and launched numerous new products and has strong international experience, having managed teams in the US and Europe and taken products to market across the globe.

CyberHive Partners

We are proud to work with selected companies as part of our established partner programme.

CyberHive has been working with our key development partner, The University of Oxford since 2015.  We have recently been awarded an Innovate UK grant to help fund an ongoing 3 year collaboration to take our technology to the next stage.

CyberHive is proud to be a part of the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services Marketplace, offering world class cyber security to FTSE and AIM listed companies.

All of our commercial partners have been carefully selected and offer a high level of expertise and excellent customer service.

To find out more about our partner programme email: [email protected]

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