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CyberHive and Custodian360 review the State of the Art in Cyber Security

Best practice and new techniques to protect your business from Cyber Attacks

Custodian360 founder Andy James and CyberHive Chief Operating Officer, Alan Platt have worked together to review the state of cyber security and produce an insightful review of the current best practices and cyber security weaknesses that plague many organisations. The review looks at the different types of cyber defence technologies that are employed by most organisations. It looks at how effective their defences are against the increasingly sophisticated and insidious attacks that unfortunately are becoming all too common.

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    The media is full of examples of large organisations who have suffered significant reputation and financial damage as the result of cyber attacks. In the last few weeks alone, British Airways, Google, Facebook and several others have hit the headlines due to security issues. A recent report even suggested that cutting-edge weapons in the US military arsenal may be vulnerable.

    The problem stems from inadequate threat-awareness, poor work practices and out of date technology that is leaving many organisations open to attack. Furthermore, security professionals have spent their time building and fortifying the defences around their IT systems while the attackers simply tunnel underneath the walls using phishing, social engineering, exploiting previously unknown vulnerabilities, and targeting the weak link in the systems – people.

    The review highlights that the most common technologies simply inadequate to protect against attackers. Furthermore, no single type of protection is going to provide complete coverage. Instead, organisations need to look to new technologies and combined solutions to supplement their existing approaches.

    Custodian360 and CyberHive together, are able to protect an organisation’s entire IT estate against all types of cyber threats. This disruptive new technology combines Custodian360’s real-time protection and remediation with CyberHive’s patented whitelisting technology. The combined solution protects all endpoint devices, including servers, laptops and mobile devices and further strengthens the security of the all-important servers where critical data is stored.

    The combination of these two technologies would have detected and stopped the major breaches we have seen hit the headlines in recent months. Dynamic process monitoring and continuous learning ensures that new or previously unseen events are detected as malicious and stopped before they ever become a major problem to your business.

    No matter which industry your business operates in, no sector is immune to an attack. It’s not a case of “if” a data breach will occur, but rather “when”.




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    Enda Kenny spoke recently to #LondonStockExchange about the impact of #datasecurity on the wider population and why he's working with #CyberHive as Board Advisor, to help with its mission to make data breaches a thing of the past.


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