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CyberHive launches Trusted Cloud real-time threat detection software

Developed with the University of Oxford, Trusted Cloud deploys a unique combination of advanced technologies and sets an entirely new standard in security

CyberHive, a leading British cyber-security vendor, has today launched Trusted Cloud, the revolutionary server security solution that protects data using a unique combination of hardware-based cryptography and advances in whitelisting technology.

Super-fast detection of any intrusion on servers through automatic verification every five seconds allows organisations to take remedial action more rapidly and effectively than is possible with other solutions.

Fully operational as a self-service platform in the cloud or on-premises – Trusted Cloud is the world’s only solution to deploy the immense, hacker-proof technology of the Intel Trusted Platform Module chip together with advanced use of distributed whitelisting technology. Co-developed with Oxford University, this unique approach ensures that no person or organisation can tamper with servers, falsify verification data or bypass server security, eliminating the devastating effects of security lapses.

“We are setting a new industry standard that conventional solutions cannot match,” said David Blundell, Managing Director at Cyberhive. “Together with the University of Oxford, we have followed a unique path to develop this technology and make it the most powerful and effective technology on the market, giving peace of mind to those responsible for security.”

Since Trusted Cloud’s attestation servers (used to verify that only authorised software is on client’s servers) can run checks on one another, the possibility of compromise from a single server affecting the entire platform is eliminated. Verification can take place anywhere in the world under the control of independent admins, removing any single point of attack.

Built on CyberHive’s secure, resilient UK-based distributed infrastructure, Trusted Cloud gives customers the power to verify and monitor their servers independently of their providers. No longer do cloud users have to rely on assurances about the security of their data, they can check for themselves that their data is protected from all threats.

Trusted Cloud comes with flexible, hourly charging for servers and storage, advanced software-defined networking, high-speed redundant internet connections and the reassurance that data that is only held in the UK.  Trusted Cloud is managed through easy-to-use dashboards.

About CyberHive

CyberHive was founded in 2018 by David Blundell and Alan Platt. CyberHive Trusted Cloud, co-developed with the University of Oxford, protects your data not only from external threats, but also from security lapses by internal employees, and even from the cloud provider. Trusted Cloud dramatically improves the security of all servers within a data centre by detecting unauthorised changes to the software running on the servers or VM’s and takes appropriate action when required.


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