CyberHive Gatekeeper for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is widely used as a business-to-business communication tool. The email, document sharing and teamworking features are well known and liked by over 1.2 billion Office Users and 180 million Office 365 commercial customers worldwide. Office 365 also offers great flexibility, allowing users to benefit from cloud services, accessing emails and files from anywhere.

Unfortunately, this very flexibility can offer security challenges for many organisations, with the loss of a single password or security credential resulting in a major data breach. Even 2-factor authentication is far from foolproof – a single error by an administrator could leave you open to attack.

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The ultimate protection for serious users of Microsoft Office 365

Recognising the weaknesses of traditional access management systems, a central government department worked with CyberHive to design and implement a truly secure implementation of Office 365 which overcomes the security and usability issues associated with alternative technologies.

The technology works by introducing a privileged access management service to act as a bridge between the end user and Office 365. This allows us to introduce three diverse security measures which can be administered independently, eliminating any single point of human error.

Devices are authenticated by the Gatekeeper service before a user can connect to Office 365. Independently, users are then authenticated through using a USB/NFC Security Key, biometrics, or other multi-factor authentication method. Furthermore, the whole cloud service is then protected from hackers by CyberHive’s patented ‘Trusted Cloud’ technology.


Key features

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    Simple to use, highly flexible

    • Secures all Office 365 features, including Sharepoint, Email & Teams.
    • Accessible even outside the office.
    • Simple to use. Just log on to your PC, verify your identity and go.
    • Access from your Mac, iOS or Android devices too!
    • Simple to administer. Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory or existing 2-factor authentication systems.
    • Easy to add new machines and users, and to remove lost or old machines.
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    World Class Security

    • Prevents access to Office 365 from the open internet – Secured via IP restrictions.
    • Can only connect from computers / mobiles with a unique VPN certificate.
    • Requires USB/NFC  Security Key, biometrics, or other 2nd factor authentication to access Office 365.
    • Secure logging of all access events, moved files etc.
    • Protected by CyberHive’s Patented ‘Trusted Cloud’ technology.
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    Protect against human error

    • Multiple independent security features – no single configuration failure can cause a security breach.
    • Lost credentials, stolen hardware and phishing cannot result in a data breach.
    • Access to the service and user account setup can be administered independently, eliminating any single human error as a cause of a data breach.

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