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London Stock Exchange Group Issuer Services presents:

Marketplace Matters with CyberHive.

In this video Alan Platt (Director and Co-Founder of CyberHive) talks about cyber security trends in 2020, specifically how cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the weak link — people.

He suggests that organisations should shift their focus from building their defensive walls ever higher to detecting malicious activities inside their networks. He highlights the advantages of having Trusted Cloud technology as part of your cyber defence arsenal. This rapid server intrusion detection technology significantly reduces the impact of a data breach and therefore the associated costs.

He also speaks about why a Central Government Department asked CyberHive to build advanced access security into Microsoft Office 365. Our solution: Gatekeeper for Office 365. Alan wraps up with a snapshot of CyberHive’s 2020 development roadmap.

CyberHive — Making data breaches a thing of the past


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2020 has seen a seven-fold increase in #RansomwareAttacks. Crowdstrike research suggests that 27% of organisations that fall victim pay the ransom. Stay ahead of the latest threats with Trusted Cloud. Our cutting-edge server #security detects breaches in seconds! #CyberSecurity

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