We help organisations move to the cloud by providing a reliable, effective,
future-proofed solution to their security challenges.

CyberHive Trusted VPN

The ultimate solution for providing secure site-to-site communications and remote access to critical systems.

Thousands of businesses rely on VPNs to secure access to their critical infrastructure from outside attack. Whether you are a system administrator maintaining core infrastructure, or a remote worker accessing financial systems or file servers, VPNs are crucial part of your defences.

Built for a central department of the UK government, CyberHive Trusted VPN uses our patented Trusted Cloud technology to provide secure, encrypted VPN services that eliminate the key vulnerabilities associated with alternative technologies. CyberHive Trusted VPN is the most secure point-to-point communication technology available today.

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CyberHive Gatekeeper for Microsoft Office 365

Providing world-class security for serious users of Microsoft Office 365.

Working with a central government department, CyberHive has designed and implemented a revolutionary new service to provide truly secure access to Microsoft Office 365. No single security lapse can result in an O365 account being compromised.

All users require a pre-approved laptop or mobile phone, a hardware security key or other 2-factor authentication, and their user password before they can access the system. Furthermore, all access to central services is logged and critical service gateways are protected by CyberHive’s patented ‘Trusted Cloud’ technology.

Despite this ultra-high level of security, CyberHive Gatekeeper is designed to be extremely simple to use for both end users and administrators. It avoids introducing unnecessary and complicated log-on procedures.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage offering unrivalled access to your data with the peace of mind knowing it’s protected by Trusted Cloud.

Many businesses benefit from remote working. The flexibility of employees accessing company data on the move boosts productivity. However, with the increased threat from cyber criminals, security of your data has never been more important.

CyberHive now offers a world-class Cloud Storage solution. Access your data from anywhere through your laptop, mobile phone or even a web browser, safe in the knowledge that your critical data is encrypted and protected from attack by Trusted Cloud.

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Trusted Cloud

Protect your critical server infrastructure in the cloud or on premise with Trusted Cloud Security as a Service (SECaaS).

Trusted Cloud can be used to protect your business whether you are running your own datacentre or operating entirely from the cloud.

CyberHive offers a world-class cloud solution, hosted from our tier-3 datacentre in the heart of London. With multiple redundancy throughout, you can guarantee that your servers will be available 24/7 and protected by cutting-edge Trusted Cloud technology.

Alternatively, if you have your own datacentre, Trusted Cloud SECaaS can be deployed to protect your valuable infrastructure.

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