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Supporting UK businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic

Almost every day we hear about new ways cyber criminals are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis. Phishing scams, social engineering tactics, fraudulent websites and ransomware are constantly evolving and are on the rise. Threat actors are seizing on the opportunities presented by the pandemic or more specifically the lockdown, with most of us now working from home. With millions of people now working outside the enterprise network perimeter, businesses are facing an increased risk of their data being hacked.

During these unprecedented times, we all need to pull together whilst staying apart.

Businesses are already under more than enough pressure dealing with the COVID-19 fallout. We don’t believe they should also have to worry about their cyber security posture. CyberHive are therefore offering the following cyber security technology FREE FOR 3 MONTHS to help organisations counter cyber threats and keep their data safe. Our cutting-edge technologies were built at the request of some key government departments to ensure that they can access critical systems whilst remaining more secure than any existing solutions could offer.

Employee using Trusted VPN for remote access

CyberHive Trusted VPN

Our new VPN technology provides the most secure site-to-site comms and remote access. We’ve built this ultimate border security solution by introducing a cryptographically secure audit trail. All VPN configuration and code is independently verified by our patented ‘Trusted Cloud’ security technology meaning that even un-patched VPNs can be trusted. Our new Trusted VPN technology also protects against zero-day vulnerabilities.


Gatekeeper protecting sensitive data

Gatekeeper for Office 365

Gatekeeper builds on Microsoft Office 365 security to provide a truly secure email and file sharing solution. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is widely used to significantly reduce the likelihood of a data breach. At CyberHive we went a step further and developed Gatekeeper for Office 365, a truly secure implementation that’s easy to use. Multiple independent security features eradicate the possibility of a single point of failure from human error.


The scale of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken us all by surprise and represents an unprecedented challenge for UK business. We hope that this offer will help as many organisations as possible elevate their cyber security stance. We especially want to help smaller businesses who haven’t yet invested heavily in cyber security and remote-working solutions. For more information, please click here to contact us.

CyberHive – Making data breaches a thing of the past


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IBM's 2020 Cost of a #DataBreach Report https://www.ibm.com/security/data-breach highlights the #CyberSecurity challenges facing #healthcare. This industry incurred the highest average breach costs at $7.13 million. It also has the highest average time to identify & contain a breach, at 329 days.

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