CyberHive Trusted Cloud
is virtually impervious
to hacking.

Against a background of increased threats to cybersecurity, and continually strengthening legislation concerning data security, IT security has become a high priority for organisations.

Cyber threats have evolved, coming from well-organised groups – be they state-sponsored or criminal organisations – whose goals are to steal valuable information from either the business or an individual connected to the business.

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Defend your network, data, and users
with the fastest, most reliable
cyber-attack protection.

  • Monitor


    CyberHive Trusted Cloud is virtually impervious to hacking. Intrusion detection software makes use of hardware encryption modules, built into most commercially-available servers, to prevent any unauthorised software from running on the servers.

  • Discover


    CyberHive Trusted Cloud allows a company to independently verify that their servers are secure, not only from external attacks, but also from malicious intent from the cloud service provider, or even from their own employees.

  • Protect


    CyberHive Trusted Cloud encrypts the data on a server while it is running. Server encryption prevents administrators of the physical host machine from accessing the data.

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