CyberHive Trusted Cloud:
Making data breaches a
thing of the past.

The media is full of examples of the reputational and financial damaged suffered by large and small organisations who were the victims of a cyber-attack. According to a 2018 study by IBM security and the Ponemon Institute, it takes companies an average of 197 days to detect that they have suffered from a data breach. You can read more about some of the techniques cyber criminals are using to bypass your defences in here:

CyberHive Trusted Cloud is a patented new cyber-security solution developed over more than 3 years with experts from The University of Oxford to protect your servers from even the most advanced attacks. With this technology, we can secure your data in the public cloud and on your own servers.

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Defend your network, data, and users
with the fastest, most reliable
cyber-attack protection.

  • Monitor


    Detect attacks in seconds, no matter how the attackers gained access to your systems. On average, it takes companies 168 days to identify that they have suffered a data breach.  With Trusted Cloud, any unauthorised code or modifications will be identified and flagged in seconds, allowing you to take action and stop the cyber-criminals in their tracks.

  • Discover


    Discover attacks that would bypass your defences and go undetected by any conventional cyber-defences. CyberHive Trusted Cloud uses hardware-backed distributed whitelisting to check all of the code and configuration on your servers in real time. Any changes, no matter how small or carefully disguised will be flagged in seconds.

  • Protect


    Prevent security lapses, social engineering and even malicious acts from employees or your cloud service provider from compromising your systems. Everyone makes mistakes, but by using Trusted Cloud, you can eliminate data breaches even if they start with a slip-up from an authorised system administrator.

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