CyberHive Trusted Cloud:
Groundbreaking new cloud security

Adapting to a continually evolving threat landscape is a huge challenge for security professionals. There are examples when even multi-million dollar security budgets have failed to prevent data breaches. It is no longer a case of if your cyber defences will get breached but when.

Rapid threat detection is key to stopping the bad guys.
Trusted Cloud detects hacking attempts in seconds.

Working in collaboration with the University of Oxford we’ve broken new ground in the cyber security space. By harnessing a unique combination of hardware-based cryptography and whitelisting our patented Trusted Cloud technology gives you the best server protection available.

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How does our technology work?

Trusted Cloud is unique, it combines advanced whitelisting technology with the power of Intel’s TPM chip, a dedicated micro-controller that secures hardware through cryptography. Whitelisting protects servers by ensuring that only approved code is running. However, the need to periodically transmit a list of what is running to a verification service makes this approach vulnerable. During an attack, lists can be intercepted and altered by external hackers or malicious insiders. They can effectively cover their tracks, making it appear as if everything is normal.

Our developers have broken new ground for whitelisting by harnessing the unique properties of the TPM chip to digitally ‘sign’ lists. Every few seconds this data is sent to a verification server to confirm that not even a single line of unauthorised code is running. For maximum security we recommend that multiple, geographically dispersed verification servers are deployed. This ensures that even tampering by an authorised system administrator will be detected and flagged in seconds. Furthermore with this architecture customers themselves can check that their IT infrastructure is 100% secure without needing to rely on the word of their MSP.

Utilising the TPM chip (already installed on server motherboards) has another big advantage. It allows data to be securely transmitted across the internet, since the digital signature makes it impossible to tamper with. This means that verification can take place on multiple servers simultaneously anywhere in the world. Trusted Cloud is making data breaches a thing of the past. It gives business leaders peace of mind knowing that their IT infrastructure is completely secure. For a quick demo of our Trusted Cloud technology click here.


What sets our technology apart?

CyberHive Trusted Cloud provides an additional level of security with rapid threat detection. With our technology attacks that would potentially go unnoticed for months by other leading security technologies are flagged in seconds. We protect servers against virtually any form of cyber attack, including most that competitive solutions fail to identify such as zero-day vulnerability exploits. Our solution is also capable of detecting attacks which start from human error that other products on the market fail to identify e.g. loopholes from poor security configuration, lost credentials or even malicious actions by insiders.


Cyber defence technology comparison

Trusted Cloud technology comparison


The level of protection offered by Trusted Cloud goes significantly beyond conventional technologies, even that of other whitelisting solutions e.g. Sophos and Tripwire. By using patented hardware enforced distributed whitelisting we offer robust defences against single points of failure, both technical and human.

CyberHive Trusted Cloud also has significant advantages compared to other technologies when it comes to administrative overheads required to monitor server infrastructure. It also significantly reduces the costs related to data breaches by facilitating rapid remediation by security personnel after an attack has been foiled.


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