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Thousands of businesses rely on VPNs to secure access to their critical infrastructure from outside attack. Whether you are a system administrator maintaining core infrastructure, or a remote worker accessing financial systems or file servers, VPNs are crucial part of your defences.

The reality, however, is that VPNs are just as vulnerable to attack as any other IT system. Cloud-based VPNs often run on dedicated Virtual Machines which need to be patched and maintained. Even hardware-based VPNs aren’t infallible as numerous security vulnerabilities have been discovered over the last few years. Furthermore, a single unapproved or incorrect configuration change on your VPN could lead to a gaping security hole being opened up.

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The ultimate in border security for your critical infrastructure.

CyberHive Trusted VPN can be used to secure remote access critical infrastructure , to provide secure and trusted site-to-site network connectivity, and to provide secure access to on-premise or cloud-hosted business systems. The technology can also be easily integrated into other solutions to provide secure access to SaaS software platforms, email services and even generate a complete trusted CASB solution.


Recognising the weaknesses of traditional VPN systems, CyberHive have designed and built Trusted VPN to overcome the security issues associated with alternative technologies.

Our technology works by introducing a cryptographically secure audit trail of all VPN configuration and code which is independently verified by our patented Trusted Cloud security technology. This allows us to introduce diverse security measures which can be administered independently, eliminating any single point of human error.

The VPN software itself is authenticated by the Trusted Cloud verification service, guaranteeing that the software running your VPN has not been hacked or tampered with. All VPN configuration changes, including user accounts and certificates is also recorded on a secure audit trail and regularly checked against a pre-approved whitelist to confirm that no unauthorised changes have been made. 

CyberHive Trusted VPN software can be installed on virtually any cloud platform or hosted on dedicated on-premise infrastructure.


Key features

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    Secure audit trail

    • Cryptographically secure verifiable audit trail.
    • All configuration changes are logged.
    • Unauthorised configuration changes are instantly flagged to the security team, preventing unwanted tampering.
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    World class security features

    • Protected by CyberHive’s patented ‘Trusted Cloud’ technology.
    • Detects and flags any software changes that could compromise the security of your VPN.
    • Provides peace of mind that even un-patched VPNs can be trusted.
    • Even protects against zero-day vulnerabilities.
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    Protect against human error

    • Multiple independent security features – no single configuration failure can cause a security breach.
    • VPN access and security monitoring can be administered independently. This eliminates the possibility of any single human error causing a breach.

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